The Ins & Outs of Linktree

Why is linktree amazing? Because EVERYONE can do it!

If you want to duplicate quickly and grow fast, this is the tool for you! Even if you want to go at your own pace, and don't have a lot of time to spend on Purium, this is the tool for you, too! Create your own landing page for all your permalinks! Organize you clickable content in one place so all you have to say in a caption is "Link in Bio." One link = a landing page with all your important permalinks - so you never have to repeat the creation of your permalink! 

Leverage your time and content creation by easily storing it all in one link! This makes it easy on you, your potential customers and your active Brand Partners. Plus, it allows your audience to choose what they want to see and learn more about.

This is a proven way that has helped our fastest-growing leaders to share Purium quickly and reach the biggest audience possible - without taking much time at all!'s FREE!

BONUS: If you want to see the analytics and activities of your link, make the investment to upgrade to Pro for $6/month and get essential features. This will help you identify what your target audience wants to see, so you can create more of that content for them!

What is it? 

  • Landing page that houses many links to put in your social bio 
  • One link that stays the same, yet leads to others customizable links that you can update!
  • Smart solution to Instagram’s hyperlink limitations (doesn’t allow hyperlinks in captions)
  • Everyone who can view your Instagram has access to click and learn more about all kinds of info that you want to share 
  • Excellent way to use your Gift Code permalinks to, and Your Gift Code permalink guarantees that you will get paid when someone makes a purchase through you! Create your customer permalinks at!

Link Tree Sign-Up: 5 minutes, E-A-S-Y & Free!

  • Very easy to set up from your mobile device or computer
  • Suggestion: Make your username the same as your Instagram handle
  • Click the purple and set up buttons to add a new link
  • Add your Purium permalink and Name it accordingly (and so it inspires someone to Click)
  • Keep the list short; you don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too many options (5 links MAX)

OPTIONAL: Special Features 

  • Add a Thumbnail Image: You can either upload your own photo or select one of their icons (you can preview from your phone). 
  • Paid “Pro” Version: “Leap Link” forwards all your visitors directly to a destination link and bypasses your Linktree.
  • Paid “Pro” Version: “Priority Link” lets you highlight your most important links.
  • Paid “Pro” Version: “Schedule Link” gives choices to schedule when you want your links to go live (Best for events, or Live Broadcasts).
  • Paid “Pro” Version: “Link Analytics” allows you to view how many times this link was clicked. 
  • Lightning Bolt / ”Support Me”: Allows your visitors to make a payment (not needed for Purium business)


  1. View your Linktree's progress with the mobile view and taskbar on the right side of the screen. Once you are satisfied with how your link looks you can move on. Make sure the switch on the right of the tab is green to know this tab is visible!     
  2. You can also change the image of how you want your Linktree page to look by going to the ‘Appearance’ tab. This is where you have the option to change your title, add a bio, add an image, and change the look of your Linktree Page.
  3. You’re ready! When you’re satisfied with your Linktree you can share the link in the top right corner. Click ‘share’ to copy and/or download the QR Code.

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