March 2023 Boards Update

tools Mar 23, 2023

As some have already noticed, Boards recently launched an update that limits the amount shares/sends through the Boards keyboard for free users to 100. This means that once that limit is reached, free users will no longer be able to send/share messages with the Boards Keyboard.

Before we break down what this means for the Purium Official Board, we’d like to let everyone know that this update was made without any involvement from Purium. We were not aware this update was on the horizon nor will we receive any sort of compensation from those that decide to purchase the Boards Business Plan.

Now onto the update:

What does the 100 shares limitation mean?
Messages, images, links, PDFs, pages, folders, videos, and voice memos can be sent through the Boards Keyboard with the Free Plan up to 100 shares/sends.

You will still be able to use all other features of the app after reaching this limit, including sharing content from the app; however, you must upgrade to the Business plan if you want to continue using the Keyboard.

Will I have to upgrade to the Business Plan to access the Purium Official Board?
No. Accessing all the content in the Purium Official Board will remain free. The only aspect this update alters is sending/sharing via the Boards Keyboard.

Will Purium continue to upload content to the Purium Official Board?
Yes. Despite this new update, we still view Boards as a powerful tool whether you have the Free Plan or Business Plan.

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