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business training events Jun 15, 2022

We’ve all heard the outdated saying, “Behind every great man is a great woman.” 

At Purium, we like to say, “At the SIDE of every great leader is a supportive PARTNER.”

Partners show up in many forms. Whether a spouse, child, parent, or friend – a supportive Partner is a special advantage for any entrepreneur.

On Tuesday, June 14, Leslie hosted our first Purium Partner call and had three special guests. Justin Hanson, husband of 5-Star Crown Melissa Hanson. Doug Magruder, husband of 4-Star Crown Sonia Magruder. Sam Boersma, husband of 2-Star Crown Michelle Boersma. 

These men shared stories of how Purium has transformed their belief in the business model and the quality of their lives. They shared pride in their wives’ ability to lead, mentor, and inspire their teams. And they all had a commitment to support their partner in every way. 

May we all have supportive partners in our lives!

Click HERE to view the REPLAY! 

Have a prospect whose partner is just not into Purim yet? Go to Boards < Scripts < Overcoming Objections < Purium Partners. You'll find new scripts you can use that include the replay link to our recent Purium Partner call.

Here are just a few of the stories sent in from guests who attended the call:  

“I invited my husband to join the call last night. At the end of the call he hugged me. Then he said, "I want to support you more, and in any way I can. How can I help you?" 🥲   I’m so grateful! Thanks again for highlighting these wonderful supportive husbands.”

“A prospect of mine has always wanted to do this business with her husband. They listened to the Partner call together to help him see a bigger picture, and to make sure he was on board. They are enrolling today!”

“I have an appointment with a guest who was on the Purium Partner call last night. He’s super excited now!”

“One of my new Brand Partners listened to the Partner call with her husband. They had great take aways around a vision for financial freedom, being of service and personal growth! That’s powerful stuff!”

“One of my new Brand Partners – who does not have an ultra-supportive hubby - was on the call last night. She loved it. I think it helped give her new inspiration to keep growing and ultimately, allow her success to do the talking. I believe in her!”

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