The Fundamentals of Scheduling Launch Events

business training events Nov 12, 2021

Launch Event – Live or Virtual

After enrollment, one of the first getting started activities for a new Brand Partner is to schedule their Launch Event. 

Think of a L­aunch Event as a fun, authentic way to introduce your new business. It’s your chance to invite everyone you know from friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers to visit your home or join a zoom call, and learn about the unique Purium products and your exciting new business.

Why Host a Launch Event?

It’s Fun! 

You are venturing into an exciting new venture. It’s fun to celebrate it with those closest to you!

Excellent Time Management

Launch Events allow you to simultaneously talk to many people at the same time rather than many one-on-one calls.  

Compelling Story Time

Your Launch Event is the perfect place to share Purium success stories and inspire your guests to experience Purium either by purchasing products or becoming a Brand Partner! 

Action Steps 

Schedule TWO Launch Events

Why do we recommend you schedule two events? If people you invite can’t make the first date, you can offer the second date for their convenience. In this way, you will maximize the number of people who hear about your new business early on – during the pivotal first days of being a Brand Partner.

Create a List of Guests and Invite them to your Event

Utilize social media, reach out to your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers - and have fun inviting everyone you know to join you at your Launch Event. Keep track using the Purium Weekly Tracker Interest Levels Worksheet. And don’t hesitate to ask everyone! You never know who is looking to transform their health or searching for a fun and compelling business they can work from home.

Work with your Sponsor or Upline Leader

If you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to manage this all by yourself, don’t worry, you won’t be. Your sponsor will be with you every step of the way to make sure you’re on the right track. They will answer all your questions and make the process fun and easy. 

Enjoy the Collaboration

After you’ve welcomed your guests and shared your Purium story, you will turn the event (whether live or virtual) over to your Sponsor. (Or the mentor who is helping you with the event). As they talk through the agenda, this is your opportunity to listen and learn. One day soon, you will take the lead and your Sponsor will have the supporting role. You’ll enjoy this type of collaboration in every area of your Purium business. You’ll soon discover that with Purium, you are in business FOR yourself  - but not BY yourself.

This is just the Beginning

There is no reason why you and your team can’t have launch events every month as you continue to meet new people and build your business. It doesn’t have be called a launch event.  You can call it a Total Transformation.  You can promote it by saying, “The interest in my business is to the point where I just don’t have the time to share the news with everyone whose interested one-on-one. So, we’re having a Total Transformation event and you’re invited!”

Want to learn even more about Launch Events? Watch the replay of Leslie Zann's Call all about launch events!


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