The Power of Connect Calls

business training Nov 29, 2021


The world is constantly changing regarding how products and services are marketed. Tools used in the past might not be relevant today. With that being said, connect calls (and even connect zooms) have been a fundamental skill in this line of business for decades and are STILL just as powerful today.

What is a Connect Call?

A connect call is simply a call (or Zoom) between three or more people simultaneously; it’s also commonly referred to as a 3-way call. What happens is a Brand Partner interacts with a prospect and connects them with another brand partner (typically their sponsor), and the three of them schedule and join a call together. From there, the Brand Partner will do some simple introductions, then the sponsor will take over the call and use their knowledge and experience to educate the prospect on Purium and close the sale.

If you’re a new Brand Partner, connect calls are vital in helping you during those exciting, yet overwhelming first few months with Purium. Nobody expects you to become product experts immediately; it’s going to take some time and your sponsor is there to help. 

Connect calls are a true learn-while-you-earn experience. During these calls, you will learn more about what the transformative Purium formulas do, and you will see the type of language sponsors use when it comes to dealing with objections and other common things that happen when dealing with prospects. If you want to hit all those Fast Start Bonuses, then you need to make scheduling connect calls a priority. 

If you want to learn more about connect calls, watch this zoom training  with Leslie Zann and 5-Star Crown, Melissa Hanson. They discuss the power of connect calls and other valuable skills learned during Melissa’s journey to becoming one of the top Brand Partners at Purium. 

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