Vision Board Workshop with Licia Berry

business training events Mar 19, 2021

Vision Board Workshop

May 1, 2021

12pm - 3pm PST 

Let Purium be the bridge to you vision. Identify and capture your ultimate dream and learn how Purium can be the vehicle to achieve it.
We are investing in you and your dreams. This is the first time Purium is offering a complementary and expert-led workshop, purely focused on YOUR personal development.
Licia Berry, a leader in Transformative Arts and whole brain strategies, will take you on a 3-hour journey as you comb through your magazines, cut out specific images and paste them onto your Vision Board.
This isn't just any collage workshop!
A truly experiential event, you will be guided through a brain exercise that will leave you with a physical representation of your goals and dreams: your ultimate Vision Board. Every image you select, ever cut you make and every piece you glue will be made with intentions from both the right and left side of your brain.
You will be energized and inspired to display it in your home so you can visually lean into your intentions to drive you on your your life's goals pursuit.
That's not all!



$300 Value

7 lucky winners will be randomly chosen on EVERY Money Map Zoom (Monday's @ 6pm PST). Transformative Arts leader and brain-strategist, Licia Berry, will share her expertise while explaining what your collage says about who you are, what you want and how to go after it. 
Over the next 7 weeks, we will post a link to the entry form on the Money Map and Leslie Zann Zooms. You MUST complete the 3-question form to register for this event. Each Zoom will have a new form and it will only be live during the Zoom. Drive your Brand Partners to these Zooms so they can register! Zoom seats are limited to 1,000 guests. So, you will want to be ready to click the Zoom link at 12pm (PST) on May 1, so you do not miss out!
Follow the "How to Register" instructions and we will choose 1 winner for every week. 1 winner will be announced every Money Map Zoom. You MUST be on the Money Map to claim your prize; if you are not present when your name is called, we will go to the next candidate. No exceptions.
  • Poster, paper or other board for the base of the collage (18x24 preferred)
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Old magazines, calendars, catalogues…anything that can be cut (I find old magazines at the library, doctor’s offices, goodwill and yard sales)
  • Wondering how to solve a problem?
  • Sales lagging?
  • Team morale need a boost?
  • Looking to evolve your team with these rapidly changing times?
  • Wanting to learn how to self-regulate and manage your nervous system so you can operate at full capacity?
  • Ready to take your leadership to the next level?
Licia is a pioneer in the brain optimization/whole brain technologies movement, leading whole brain access and evolutionary leadership courses, corporate trainings and retreats for groups since 1994. Illumined Collage™ is a copyrighted and patent-pending process developed and tested by Licia Berry to access your greatest potential and live your best life.
In 2005, Licia developed the Illumined Collage ™, a tool designed to access a whole brain state and achieve greatest potential. Excellent for whole brain team building, purpose/mission/vision refinement, sales and motivation goals, and building mindset, nervous system and self-regulation strength and resilience.
Illumined Collage ™ relies on creative inquiry through question and translation of images from your hole brain. This issues an invitation to much more of your innate intelligence to answer questions, strategize and set goals supported by your existing structures.
Image is the language of the right brain, which unites and makes meaning of the intentions and goals of our left brain. This gives our goals and choices a powerful boost into actualization, success, fulfillment and greatest potential!
Licia Berry is an International Best-Selling Author, Brain Healer, Artist, Speaker, Mentor and Steerswoman in Creative, Sacred and Transformative Arts, “Guide to The Frontier Inside ™” with a primary interest in creativity, women’s wisdom and resilience, ancestral medicine, indigenous tradition and Mind/Body Integration, NeuroBiology, PTSD, Trauma Recovery, and Post Traumatic Growth.
Licia is an Expert in Systems Energetics, Human Consciousness, Whole Brain Communication, Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and Post Traumatic Growth (PTG), and assists others through multi-disciplinary, Whole Brain approaches to achieving consciousness, balance, personal happiness and actualization of potential. This has a multitude of applications: in organizational development, in leadership, in family systems, relationships, and in personal transformation.
A 25 year teaching veteran in the creative arts, whole brain communication, leadership, project and systems management & analysis, she has impacted young and adult learners in public schools, state agencies, non-profits, corporate environments, universities and the private sector. Having transformed challenging circumstances into fuel to propel her forward to make the world a more accepting, loving place, Licia also has a keen and abiding passion to empower women through her #LeadingByBeing Women’s Leadership curriculum. Techniques include Inner Tribe ™ Integration work, Whole Brain Communication, Sacred Systems work, Brain Gym, Psych-K, and post traumatic energy re-integration.
Learn more about Licia on her website.

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