Understanding 3 & Then Free - How It Works For Your Business

Oct 11, 2021
Sharing our 3 & Then Free Smart Order Incentive is vital for the health of your customers and for your business.
Co-Founder Dave Sandoval designed this special program to get superfood nutrition out to the world in a consistent and easy way. The 3 & Then Free Program rewards and encourages healthy habits by providing FREE products for consistent ordering of qualified products. 
It takes your cells 100 days of memories to do something before it's wired into your brain and a habit is formed.
Last month we gave 692 free products through the 3 & Then Free program via Rewards points.
And now... 
Our system has become EVEN better. Our new system is automated, and rewards Brand Partners as well when their customers receive free products. It's a win-win for everyone! 

How It Works for Customers 

How 3 & Then Free Works

Think of our new 3 & Then Free system as a vault: Once you order a...
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