Purium Cash Rewards: What You Need to Know

Jan 17, 2022

Introducing Purium Cash Rewards

During the Holiday Season, customers flood to big name corporations, like Macy's or Kohls, just to take advantage of their Cash Back Programs! What are Cash Back Programs and why are people lining up for them? These are incentives offered to customers to receive a percentage of their money back as a rewards credit, and who doesn't love a little reward on their next order?

But it's not just for the customers, it's a win-win situation! Why? Well, because these types of programs incentivize and encourage re-ordering. Business analytics show time and time again, these promos get everyone excited!

We're adopting this major retail philosophy and applying it to our sales to set you up for a great year end and a strong opening into 2022. How great is it that your customers can start the year with some extra Rewards to redeem for products?!

We want to mimic this promotion and will be offering 500 Rewards Points for every $50 on all orders from December 22-31...

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Fast Start Reset Promotion Details - Reset Your Pace and Tap Into Your Potential

Jan 03, 2022

In 2022, we want all of our Brand Partners to have their best year yet. That is why we are introducing our FAST START RESET promo! 

Starting January 1 to April 30, all existing Brand Partners are eligible to run for this special FAST Start promo, for them to learn or repeat their behaviors to succeed in the Fast Start Program. 

How it Works


The Fast Start Reset regulations are similar to the standard Fast Start Program. This means you can earn up to $1700 in Fast Start bonuses. Properly leveraging this promo to its full potential will help you grow new legs for your downline, and create a stronger foundation of support for your team!

This promo will only take into account the new business you bring in. Existing Brand Partners and customers will not count.

For example, if you have an existing customer (December 31, 2021, or earlier) who becomes a Brand Partner in 2022, that is not considered new business. This promo will look at the volume from 2022 only.

You can...

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Diamond Dash 2021

Nov 29, 2021

Developing new direct and downline Diamonds is the key to your success! New Diamonds reinforce a strong structure and set you up for long term success and rank advancement. 

As you build toward the end of 2021, we want to make the season even brighter with the new Diamond Dash incentive! When you achieve this Diamond Dash, you and your Enroller will receive large cash bonuses, while creating a record-breaking year end and an explosive opening to 2022.

There are two layers to this promotion: one for Fast Start Brand Partners and one for non-Fast Start Brand Partners.

There is new, BIG bonus money on the table for everyone!


The Fast Start Time period remains at 3+ months (See current Fast Start qualifications) 


  • BPs with an enrollment date in September 2021 have a qualification period through December 31 to qualify for additional Diamond Sprint Fast Start bonuses.
  • BPS who...
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Mini Marathon September 2 - 7, 2021

Sep 01, 2021
Mini Marathon: Work Your List
Promo Title: Mini Marathon: Work Your List
Promo Type: Raffle 
Promo Dates: September 2 - 7, 2021
  • 1 Winner: $1000
  • 2 Winners: $500
  • 5 Winners: $200 
  • 10 Winners: Kitchen Essential Pack
How to Qualify & Enter: 
#1: You must have an active Smart Order.
#2: Make 40 Phone Calls in 5 days to NEW prospects. 
#3: Write down each Name, Phone Number and other details on Weekly Tracker, Funnel & Prospect List (or your own sheet of paper / notes App)
#4: Take a picture and/or screenshot of your list and notes.
#5: Upload via submission form: Click here
#6: Join Leslie's "Developing Diamonds" Zoom at 6pm to hear your name and other winners!

3pm HST  |  6pm PST  |  9pm EST

Purium’s Pay Plan gives you many options for financial...

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WYR: Customer Referrals

Jun 21, 2021


Did you know that your CUSTOMERS (who are not yet Brand Partners) can help you fill your funnel?

That’s right! Have your Customers Widen Your Reach of prospects. 

What's in it for you (the Brand Partner)? GQV Points. New prospects for your funnel. Potentially a new Brand Partner (if your Customer is interested in Upgrading due to the amount of prospects they have).

What's in it for your Customer? $10 off next purchase. Finding supportive friends on IG and FB. Potentially earning commission if they have 3+ more prospects (they can Upgrade to a Brand Partner).

--- HOW IT WORKS ---

  1. When your Customer gets their ULT, ask them “Do you want to get a $10 off coupon for your next Purium purchase? It’s SUPER easy and you might discover some followers who want to start their own ULT journey!”
  2. If they say “Yes!” or “How?”
  3. Respond with, “Make a spoon post on IG or FB. Just take a...
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UBT2021: Accelerate Your Business Transformation

May 06, 2021


It's Small Business Saturday and we want to REWARD you for being a Purium Entrepreneur.

We are breaking up the week and....

You have 4 days left to capitalize on the UBT promotion and earn additional QV. from Nov 27 - Nov 31!

Inspire 3 new people in the short week and receive 500 points in both November and December 2021. Earn 500 UBT Points for October and 500 UBT Points for November.

Let’s end this month strong and start November off with a BANG!!
This last weekend of October - Inspire 3 NEW* personally enrolled Customers or Brand Partners to purchase a ULT or featured pack plus enroll in Smart Order of 50 BV or more, and earn 500 UBT Points for October AND 500 UBT Points for November (Make sure you, as the Enroller, also have a 50 BV Smart Order on file.

Remember, the 500 UBT Points must be earned between Nov 27- Nov 30)
Maximum points that can be earned for October is 500. Maximum points that can be earned for November is 500. October points...

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Sharing the Value of Smart Order

Mar 26, 2021

Sharing the value of Smart Order with your Brand Partners and customers is crucial for your business growth! Not only does Smart Order have countless benefits for Brand Partners, but customers as well. 

As a Brand Partner, you lead by example, and everything you do duplicates. Embrace the culture of Smart Order to confidently communicate the benefits with every customer and Brand Partner for creating successful duplication. 

Here’s an example: If you have 100 customers or Brand Partners within your organization and they all have an active Smart Order of Daily Core 4, you’ll receive 13,000 in recurring monthly volume into your Group Volume every month. That number is close to Diamond volume, with just 100 Smart Orders on file!

Customer Benefits: 

Smart Order is a rewarding and intuitive autoship program that helps create consistency with daily nutrition. When someone wants to truly transform their lifestyle, Smart Order is the vehicle to do so....

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Inspiring Tips for Widen Your Reach

Mar 19, 2021

Go LIVE today and every day! 

Widen Your Reach (WYR) is ALL about getting comfortable speaking on camera in front of a large audience. We know that it's a challenge for many people and we reward you for pushing past those obstacles that may be keeping you from your goals.

WYR is a great way to help motivate you to prioritize Purium-related presentations on a regular basis.

Learn more:

REMINDER: UBT Points are uploaded Monday, Wednesday and Friday for all Widen Your Reach Submissions that qualify. 


  • Why did you start Purium?
  • What are your health goals?
  • Do you have any obstacles in your way? If so, how will you overcome them?
  • Do you have any tips for fitness, family, cleansing, meal prep, etc?


Are you trying to over come fear of being on display for the world to see? Simply act...

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Fast Start Widen Your Reach: Rules & Objectives

Feb 17, 2021

Are you in the Fast Start window? Go LIVE with Purium #phplive2022 to help boost your points to the next rank!

Earn 33 bonus GQV Points each time you submit a new and unique video presentation (Social Media Story or Post, Your Own Virtual Event for Purium, etc.) via the submittal process in iLearn.

You have 3+ months to take advantage of this promo!

There is a maximum of points (3 submissions per week = 99 GQV Points max), and that can be twice doubled!

First 10 Days Max:

+99 points (Week 1 Reward)

+99 points (Week 2 Reward; within first 10 days)

+200 points (Month Reward)

= 398 QV points

Monthly Fast Start Max = 596 QV

+ 396 Points (99 x 4 weeks)

+ 100 Monthly Bonus Points

+ 100 Fast Start Bonus Points

= 596 QV points

When you enroll into Purium as a Brand Partner, it is the BEST time to prospect because others will be so curious about your new journey and results. Go live with 10 videos in the first 10 days every calendar month in your Fast Start window and DOUBLE your...

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