FAST Start 2022: What You Need to Know to Succeed

Jan 03, 2022

Fast Start Promotion - 1st Quarter 2022

Earn $3500 in Fast Start Bonuses & 2500 in Matching Bonuses! Fast Start is a bonus path that includes Consultant, Director, Executive and Diamond ranks,  plus the new Futurist Achievement Promo. This Fast Start path can earn a new Brand Partner up to $3500 in bonuses alone in their first 90 days. Going fast is the most fun, profitable and proven way to achieve long-term success. 

A new Brand Partner has a limited-time to achieve each of these ranks for the first time. When they achieve it in the correct time-frame, they get a cash bonus added to their weekly (Consultant Fast Start bonus) or monthly (all other Fast Start bonuses) commission check!

Don’t worry! If Consultant, Director, Executive you are achieved outside do not the Fast Start window, you will still earn an Achievement Bonus (see Page 6 of Compensation Plan). 

If you are not a new Brand Partner and you qualify, you can also earn a "Matching...

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