Mega Zoom Wednesday Events

Feb 09, 2021

Intended Audience: Customers, Prospects and Brand Partners 

When & Where: Every Wednesday at 4pm HT/ 6pm PT/ 9pm ET on the main Purium Zoom link:

IMPORTANT: Share the unique Eventbrite link and encourage your customer prospects to share the link as well. EVERYONE MUST REGISTER TO QUALIFY FOR PRIZES! Find the Eventbrite links here:

How can BP use to build business? Inspire prospects to physically transform their bodies and habits  with the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation by inviting them to listen to Purium’s top leaders host as inspiring, educational and motivating nutrition pack presentation. Learn how to market the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and inspire prospects to physically transform their body and habits by learning from seasoned experts.

The hosts for each event are just as diverse and vibrant as our products! Are they mom-preneurs...
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Purium is not just changing the way people eat -- we're changing the way they live. We want to spread economic freedom and plant-based wellness. Are you in?