Introducing: The Futurist Achievement Promotion: Your Stepping Stone to Diamond

Jan 03, 2022

Everyone can be a Futurist!

Are you ready to tap into your future potential…TODAY? The future starts now!! 

Introducing…  the Futurist Achievement! 

What is Futurist? 

In 2022, we want you to hit the Diamond Leadership Rank and the Futurist is the stepping stone to help you get there! 

This new achievement bridges the gap between Executive Rank and Diamond Rank by helping you earn extra incentives and build the strategy and requirements that it takes to hit Leadership ranks. Take a look at the chart below. 

 The Futurist Rank Promotion is an achievement and not a rank. Think of it as a stepping stone that you can use to achieve Diamond and higher. To achieve this, you are building habits that lead to higher ranks and personal success. 

What do you earn for achieving? 

 For achieving the Futurist Promotion, you earn a $1000 bonus (paid out in your Monthly Commission). 

 But more than that, the benefit of this...

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