Rank Declaration Day: How Everyone Can Earn

Oct 04, 2021

At our exciting Fall Forum, Purium Co-Owner Amy Venner and Purium Business Unit Manager Debbie Darling announced a special business promotion: Rank Declaration Day! 

$3000 in cash prizes and a shared pool of 100,000 QV points are up for grabs! Want to claim yours? 

Get all the details in this blog.  

Rank Declaration Day

Purpose:  Research shows one is 42% more likely to achieve their goals if they are written.  Also sharing your goal with a mentor or someone you respect can be very beneficial in creating self accountability.  This promotion incentivizes you and your team

  • to declare early in the month what rank you are committed to achieve 
  • promotes group accountability toward individual as well as group goals
  • Inclusive to everyone on the team
  • rewards and trains the behaviors that the most successful entrepreneurs are using to crush their goals.

Promotion Valid October - December 2021 

Everyone can participate in this awesome promotion...

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