UBT2021: Accelerate Your Business Transformation

May 06, 2021


It's Small Business Saturday and we want to REWARD you for being a Purium Entrepreneur.

We are breaking up the week and....

You have 4 days left to capitalize on the UBT promotion and earn additional QV. from Nov 27 - Nov 31!

Inspire 3 new people in the short week and receive 500 points in both November and December 2021. Earn 500 UBT Points for October and 500 UBT Points for November.

Let’s end this month strong and start November off with a BANG!!
This last weekend of October - Inspire 3 NEW* personally enrolled Customers or Brand Partners to purchase a ULT or featured pack plus enroll in Smart Order of 50 BV or more, and earn 500 UBT Points for October AND 500 UBT Points for November (Make sure you, as the Enroller, also have a 50 BV Smart Order on file.

Remember, the 500 UBT Points must be earned between Nov 27- Nov 30)
Maximum points that can be earned for October is 500. Maximum points that can be earned for November is 500. October points...

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