Leading with the ULT + Performance Pack

Oct 04, 2021

Special thanks to Ra of Earth and Melissa Hanson for their insights for this blog.

The ULT + Performance pack delivers the ultimate Purium experience as it offers baseline nutrition, performance, and lifestyle nutrition in one bundle, making it an amazing pack to lead with. Just like the ULT, to successfully promote the new ULT + Performance pack, you must believe in its value, benefits, and success rate. Communicating those beliefs with your prospects and customers is the key for the ULT + Performance to becoming your new go to pack.

The Numbers - Greatest Value & Highest Commission / BV Pack Offered

  • $524.25 loyal customer / BP Price
  • $165 savings from purchasing products individually
  • $104.85 commission on loyal customers / BP enrollment first order 
  • 350 BV / 400 BV with enrollment 
  • Qualifies for complementary enrollment
  • Qualifies for free standard shipping in the continental US / discounted shipping in HI, AK & Canada
  • Fastest path to Fast Start Ranks & K...
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Share the Value of the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT)

Apr 01, 2021

To successfully promote the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) you must believe in its value, benefits and success rate. Purium also provides discounts and Rewards Points to help incentivize your prospect to sign-up and purchase a ULT. Additionally, our community is full of support and resources to increase the success and retention rate for your customers.  

Your personal story is SO powerful, even if you haven't even started your own ULT. No matter where you are with your health or business, here are some excellent tools to empower you to confidently share and promote the ULT with your own personal touch. 

Why is the ULT the best pack option? 

The ULT is Purium's #1 pack because it has transformed the most lives (1 ULT) and leads to strong retention (many have a ULT on Smart Order). Not only does the ULT consistently produce countless 30-Day Success Stories, but it typically leads...

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