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business training Oct 04, 2021

Special thanks to Ra of Earth and Melissa Hanson for their insights for this blog.

The ULT + Performance pack delivers the ultimate Purium experience as it offers baseline nutrition, performance, and lifestyle nutrition in one bundle, making it an amazing pack to lead with. Just like the ULT, to successfully promote the new ULT + Performance pack, you must believe in its value, benefits, and success rate. Communicating those beliefs with your prospects and customers is the key for the ULT + Performance to becoming your new go to pack.

The Numbers - Greatest Value & Highest Commission / BV Pack Offered

  • $524.25 loyal customer / BP Price
  • $165 savings from purchasing products individually
  • $104.85 commission on loyal customers / BP enrollment first order 
  • 350 BV / 400 BV with enrollment 
  • Qualifies for complementary enrollment
  • Qualifies for free standard shipping in the continental US / discounted shipping in HI, AK & Canada
  • Fastest path to Fast Start Ranks & K Club Bonuses 
  • Widest variety of best selling products for baseline nutrition, performance and lifestyle.  
  • Many family members not ready for a ULT themselves find a favorite product by sampling something from the ULT + Performance 

Sharing the Value of the ULT + Performance Pack

The good news about changing your lead pack to the ULT + Performance is you can use many of your successful strategies for the ULT and more! With the ULT + Performance pack, you are leading with the upsell; you are showing your prospects all the benefits this pack contains for providing a full health transformation AND fitness performance support for only $17.48 a day. If they are intrigued by the benefits, but this option seems too overwhelming to them in price, lifestyle, or product variety, offering them a simpler, less complicated ULT may be the perfect option for them.

For anyone that is fitness oriented, this pack is a no brainer. Most people in the fitness community are getting their meals, pre-workout, post-workout, and other supplements from different stores, gyms, and websites. The ULT + Performance pack contains everything they need to fuel their nutrition AND performance in one convenient package.

If you're talking with someone who has done a ULT in the past or is on the fence about whether or not the ULT + Performance pack is right for them, explain to them that the benefits of the standard ULT (such as better sleep, more energy, etc.) will lead to the desire to incorporate exercise into their regime. After experiencing the effects of the ULT, they will inevitably want to act on those efforts to continue their progress, and the additional products in this pack will allow them to support those interests and goals.

Tips to Promote

The Ultimate Purium Experience

The ULT + Performance pack is an all in one package that delivers the Ultimate Purium experience. Communicate to prospects and customers that are Purium loyalists that this is our best pack period.

Let your customers decide if it’s worth it

Don’t assume someone will not want the ULT + Performance because of the price point or the pack variety. List the values of the pack and let them decide if it’s worth it. If they tell you it isn’t, that’s ok! The standard ULT is a great option and is only $11 a day, and after their ULT, they might have the desire to exercise more and will want to upgrade to this pack to fuel them.

Being a Product of the Products

Your story is arguably the most powerful tool you have. While it isn’t necessary, if you personally consume the products of the ULT + Performance to fuel your nutrition and fitness, it’s an easy way to connect with your prospects by showing that you believe in these products and package.

Ask questions

Questions are an excellent way to get potential customers thinking. Asking them questions such as  how the ULT + Performance compares to what they are spending on a monthly basis on the current products they buy routinely; it can be quite shocking for someone to consider how much they spend on something, such as a Starbucks cup of coffee, a month. 

Asking them questions about their daily habits can provide you with information on their life, and inform them on how these products can specifically benefit them based on their routine; asking questions allows you to get to know your prospect more, and you can tailor your messaging to them and make it personable.

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