Motivating Your Team to Declare featuring 2-Star Crown Seema

Declaring is a powerful motivational tool that can propel someone to take action. Research has shown that you are  42 % more likely to achieve your goals if they are written. This striking statistic inspired us to launch  our Rank Declaration Promotion during our Fall Forum. 

There are $3000 in cash prizes and a shared pool of 100,000 QV points up for grabs and we want ALL of our Brand Partners to be in the running.

Need some help giving members of your team that extra push to declare? 2-Star Crown Seema gave us her recipe to motivate her team to declare, achieve and earn prizes!

Making Things Easy

To start off, Seema schedules periodic Zooms with her team to inspire and support her community. For any Zooms Seema had with her team, the Rank Declaration Day submission link was readily available to them and easily accessible. In fact, the first five minutes of these Zooms were dedicated to give her team members the time to declare if they hadn’t done so. If members on her team were unsure of certain aspects, Seema made sure that they knew everything they needed to know for them to declare.


During the initial portion of each meeting, Seema also asked each member of her team to submit a screenshot of their rank declaration into their Facebook Group. This gives her team members a stronger urge to share and not feel left out.


As we stated, when people write their goals out, they are more likely to be achieved. There is a level of power you gain from it. Beyond that though, there is also the prize element of Rank Declaration Day that can motivate people to Declare. Seema made sure that each team member was well aware of the benefits of Rank Declaration Day and gave as much insight as she could about why they should declare.


Seema opted to not start each meeting until each person present at the meeting had submitted. By having everyone submit their screenshots of their declarations, it’s a great way for her to keep accountability over her team. She also challenges herself to put the work into providing the aid needed to help her team achieve the declarations they had set for themselves. We’re all in this together--a great leader leads with this mind. 

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