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Our weekly virtual events are packed with the crucial details, opportunities and even special prizes to help you AND your Brand Partners, Customers and prospects get the BEST out of Purium! 

Each one is a special virtual event and has a special purpose and audience. The best way to get all the unique details you need, use these tools:

  • Phone App: Easily share custom social images and messaging directly to your prospects, customers and Brand Partners). Get App for Android // Get App for Apple
  • Google Sheet: The Virtual Events & Zooms Calendar gives you LOTS of details for each event, PLUS, get the link to the Zoom Replay.
  • iSharePurium.com Event Page: Easily sync the Upcoming Events Calendar to your phone and/or change the “View” option to have the calendar appear in the visual way you prefer.
  • Training Video with 2-Star Crown Rachel: Learn how to leverage the tools, time-manage the Zooms and coach new Brand Partners to do the same in the training video, "Streamline & Duplicate with Purium's Tools"


Money Map Monday (Corporate News & Support)

Intended Audience: Brand Partners

When & Where: Every Monday @ 2pm HT/ 4pm PT/ 7pm ET  on the main Purium Zoom link: https://bit.ly/PuriumTrain

How can BP use to build business? Get the LATEST tools and support for your Purium business including the compensation plan, Purium App and ILearn.

What’s it about? Every Zoom is a new focus! Join the Purium Brand Partner community and engage directly with corporate team leaders, Debbie (Director of Commissions & IT), Amelia (Director of Marketing & Communications) to get the latest inside-scoop. Debbie and Amelia are the backbone IT, Marketing, and Customer Care and can give you details that can help you with your customers, Brand Partners and business activities! 

Supporting Tool:

Business Opportunities (“Biz Opps”) with Dave & Amy

Monday, Wednesday & Friday (Purium Success Stories)

Intended Audience: Business Prospects and Brand Partners 

When & Where: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (see below for times) on the Purium Webinar link: https://bit.ly/PuriumWeb

How can BP use to build business? Purium owners, Dave & Amy host 3 different zooms each week with a special guest who has a Success Story relating to the Biz Opp topic: “Rankers Biz Opp” on Monday, “Fitness Biz Opp” on Wednesday and “Family Biz Opp” on Friday. Also, a great way to learn how to share the Purium opportunity to different kinds of prospects. 

What’s it about? No one tells Purium's story better than its co-founders, Dave Sandoval & Amy Venner. And nothing inspires people more than a fresh new Success Story. Bring your Business Prospects to learn more about Purium and hear a unique Success Story from a special guest. 

When & where are each one?

Rankers Biz Opp

Every Monday

1pm HT/ 3pm PT/ 6pm ET

Zoom & Bit.ly Link: https://bit.ly/PuriumWeb


Fitness Biz Opp

Every Wednesday

9am HT/ 11am PT/ 2pm ET

Zoom & Bit.ly Link: https://bit.ly/PuriumWeb


Family Biz Opp

Every Friday

4pm HT/ 6pm PT/ 9pm ET

Zoom & Bit.ly Link: https://bit.ly/PuriumWeb


Supporting Tools:

Transformation Support Q & A with Dave & Amy

Tuesdays & Thursdays (Product Support)

Intended Audience: Customers and Brand Partners who have questions about ULT or Purium Lifestyle

When & Where: Every Tuesday and Friday at 3pm HT/ 5pm PT/ 7pm ET on Facebook:

How can BP use to build business? Share with your Prospects, Customers and Brand Partners undergoing a transformation who have questions and want to learn more about Purium Lifestyle from founders Dave & Amy.

What’s it about? Dave or Amy answer product questions live on Facebook for anyone following a Purium product program, like the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. 

Supporting Tool:

Leslie Zann Training Tuesday (Business Strategies)


Intended Audience: Brand Partners

When & Where: First 4 Tuesdays every Month at 4pm HT/ 6pm PT/ 7pm MT/ 8pm CT/ 9pm ET on the main Purium Zoom link: https://bit.ly/PuriumTrain

How can BP use to build business? Learn how to maximize your commission, leverage your time, enroll new prospects and mentor your Brand Partners so you can build a large and sustainable Purium business. 

What’s it about? Leslie Zann is a renowned business leader who has over 30 years of direct sales leadership experience. Purium is proud to have her lead development and strategy trainings four Tuesdays a month. She’s ready to help you: 

  • Master your mindset 
  • Maximize your commission check
  • Build your business skills (prospecting, following-up, and coaching)
  • Generate MASSIVE success 

Supporting Tool:

Mega Zoom Event Wednesdays

Intended Audience: Customers, Prospects and Brand Partners 

When & Where: Every Wednesday at 4pm HT/ 6pm PT/ 9pm ET on the main Purium Zoom link: https://bit.ly/PuriumTrain

IMPORTANT: Share the unique Eventbrite link and encourage your customer prospects to share the link as well. EVERYONE MUST REGISTER TO QUALIFY FOR PRIZES!

How can BP use to build business? Inspire prospects to physically transform their body and habits by inviting them to listen to Purium’s top leaders host as inspiring, educational and motivating nutrition pack presentation. Learn how to market our four featured nutrition packs individually, and inspire prospects to physically transform their body and habits by learning from seasoned experts.

The hosts for each event are just as diverse and vibrant as our products! Are they mom-preneurs with a family focus? Fitness instructors with a holistic approach? Spirited yoga gurus? Alternative artists? Consider the target audience for the pack and the vibe of the hosts so you can bring the right prospects to the best Mega Zoom for them. Maximizing the impactful messaging for each unique event will certainly help grow your business!

What’s it about? Our top leaders know how to share Purium’s product packs in a fun and inspiring way. Bring your Customer Prospects to these Zooms to:

  • Build your business by promoting Wednesday's Mega Zoom to prospects (anyone looking to lose weight or start a new health journey)
  • Let experts explain the health benefits of the ULT (and other featured packs) and inspire people into action!
  • Listen and learn how to present and close like a seasoned professional!

Each Wednesday focuses on one of our 4 Featured Packs that are best for signing up someone new to Purium. Plus, they each offer complementary enrollment for Brand Partners and/or Upgrading Customers.

- Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

- Holistic Fitness

- Optimal Immune Support

- Family Nutrition

Supporting Tool:


Purium en Espanol Thursdays (Bilingual Training & Opportunity)

Intended Audience: Spanish-Speaking Prospects to learn about business building and products. Also for spanish-speaking BPs to learn how to prospect and support customers.

When & Where: Every Thursday at 4pm HT/ 6pm PT/ 9pm ET on the main Purium Zoom link: https://bit.ly/PuriumTrain

How can BP use to build business? Share with Spanish-speaking prospects and getting your prospects in front of fluent Spanish-Speakers to share the value and lifestyle of Purium business.

What’s it about? Every Thursday, 2-Star Crown Lucy Mazes and other Purium leaders host a training and opportunity Zoom for Spanish-speaking Purium Brand Partners and prospects. Be sure to spread the word to all your bilingual team members and prospects!

Supporting Tools: 

  • iLearn Module: Purium En Espanol 
  • Phone App: Purium En Espanol



Fierce Fridays with the Million Mom Movement

(Activism, Health & Business) 

Intended Audience: Prospects and Brand Partners looking to experience activism of Purium and anti-glyphosate educational awareness. 

When & Where: Every Friday at 9am HT/ 11am PT/ 2pm ET on the main Purium Zoom link: https://bit.ly/PuriumTrain

How can BP use to build business? Promote activism-driven conversations around the food industry.

What’s it about? The Million Mom Movement is a Purium community that is driven by food advocates pushing for change. Are you seeking a community of like-minded moms and dads, concerned citizens working to change the world? Please help us grow our movement by joining and inviting your friends and family to also take a stand. There’s no limit to what we can accomplish together!

Supporting Tools: 

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