Fast Start Widen Your Reach: Rules & Objectives

incentives Jan 01, 2023

Are you in the Fast Start window? Go LIVE with Purium #phplive2023 to help boost your points to the next rank!

Earn 33 bonus GQV Points each time you submit a new and unique video presentation (Social Media Story or Post, Your Own Virtual Event for Purium, etc.) via the submittal process in iLearn.

You have 3+ months to take advantage of this promo!

There is a maximum of points (3 submissions per week = 99 GQV Points max), and that can be twice doubled!

First 10 Days Max:

+99 points (Week 1 Reward)

+99 points (Week 2 Reward; within first 10 days)

+200 points (Month Reward)

= 398 QV points

Monthly Fast Start Max = 596 QV

+ 396 Points (99 x 4 weeks)

+ 100 Monthly Bonus Points

+ 100 Fast Start Bonus Points

= 596 QV points

When you enroll into Purium as a Brand Partner, it is the BEST time to prospect because others will be so curious about your new journey and results. Go live with 10 videos in the first 10 days every calendar month in your Fast Start window and DOUBLE your WYR QV Points (Monthly Reward). Not only will you increase your prospect funnel, but you will accelerate your rank qualifications. 

  • Host 10 lives in the first 10 days to help you achieve Fast Start Consultant and beyond. 
  • Earn 33 Points per each Video (in your Stories or on your Feed)
  • Earn 398 UBT QV Points out of the 1000 needed to achieve Fast Start Consultant!
  • Incentive Qualification Period: 3+ months from Enrollment / Upgrade date.
  • Host 10 lives in the first 10 days to help you achieve Fast Start Consultant and beyond. 
  • Monthly bonus closes with month end. If your Fast Start Consultant 10 days span 2 months, make sure your 10 are in before the month ends in order to get the 200 QV monthly bonus. Even better, if your 10 days span 2 months, do 10 each month you are in the 10 day Fast Start window to maximize your earnings (2 x 200 QV). 
  • Points are uploaded every M, W, F. Month end, the points are uploaded by 6 pm PT (on the next business day). Points will be counted on the day the submittal was made.


Be sure to get with your Upline and leverageWYR Fast Start and how it can help you achieve the Fast Start bonuses.  

Why do we love this promo?

Going live with your Purium lifestyle stories W I D E N S your REACH of prospects. We incentivize you to push past fears by giving you extra Qualifying Volume (GQV) points to help move you on to your next rank and income level.

This is our #1 promo that has shifted mindsets, shattered glass ceilings and has helped rank advance tons of Brand Partners - quickly!  From legacy Brand Partners to newbie Consultants, everyone has felt the residual effects from this game-changing activity. 


Who qualifies?

Active Brand Partners (BP) in their FAST Start Period with a Smart Order of 50BV or more (The FAST Start window is the first 3+ months after enrollment).  

How do you start?

Step out of your comfort zone and GO LIVE with your story, tips, and Purium love. Talk about the benefits of Purium's products and business to create fresh exposure and engagement. 

Any type of “one-to-many” presentation counts:

  • Go live, do a reel or post a video on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube (use the hashtag #phplive2023).
  • Host a prospecting Zoom event (co-host with someone in your team to increase guest list).
  • Boomerangs, GIFs & photos do not qualify, but are still excellent social media posts that grow your followers and increase engagement to get more views when you do go live.

Videos must be of you (or with your voice/narration) the Brand Partner, and not professionally produced. The word "live" is to direct you to be candid in your video, making it a very personal share. 

How do you submit and qualify to earn the extra GQV Points?

Take a screenshot of your presentation/video. If your published video will only be visible for a limited time, make sure you take the screenshot BEFORE it disappears (like IG Stories).

Login to iLearn and click the link “Lives #phpLive2023.” It is on the homepage of iLearn, above the “Get Started” module.

Note: Our WYR Live form link has been updated. Remember, you can easily access this form by logging into iLearn and navigating right under the headline, "YOUR NAME's  Library"

Fill out the submission form with the following details:

  • Platform where presentation occurred – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, TikTok, etc.
  • Account / Group / Page the presentation was made on
  • Date presentation occurred
  • Time presentation occurred
  • Topic – Product-related or business-related
  • Screenshot of presentation upload
  • Link to the presentation if applicable


  • Multiple Stories per 1 Video: Each submission should be a UNIQUE Video or Presentation. Videos that are long and create multiple stories will count as 1 submission. 1 60-second Video cannot be uploaded to stories and count as 4 separate WYR submissions.
  • 1 Platform per 1 Video: The exact same video published on different social media platforms will only count as 1 WYR: Lives submission
  • 2 Qualifying Topics: WYR: Live submissions will only be counted if they are business-related or product-related. Generic "lifestyle" lives are not helpful to your prospecting.
  • Timeframe of Submissions: You cannot submit WYR Lives from previous weeks or months. Dates of the posts must be from the current commission week (Saturday - Friday).
  • Maximum Submissions: Maximum of 3 WYR Lives per day will be counted
  • No screenshot, no approval: Submissions that don’t include screenshot will not be approved.
  • Approved Platforms: FB, IG, TikTok, Zoom, YouTube, Google Hangout
  • Boomerangs, GIFs & photos do not qualify, but are still excellent social media posts that grow your followers and increase engagement to get more views when you do go live.
  • By submitting a presentation, all participants legally acknowledge that their image may be used in conjunction with the promotion of Purium products and/or business.
  • Presentations will be verified and must contain #phplive2023 if on social media.
  • If your submission qualifies AND your have an Active Smart Order of 50 BV or more, your points will be given on the next Monday, Wednesday or Friday by 6 pm PT.
  • Weekly time period will be Saturday at 12:01am PT until the following Friday at 11:59 pm PT.
  • Once 10 submissions are received, 200 Bonus QV will be awarded with the next batch of awards and posted on the date of the 10th submission. Limit 1 award of 200 QV per month.
  • Monthly period is based on calendar months and closes at 11:59pm PT on the last day each month. 

Prompts to Help You Start Going Live

  • Share how you’re feeling currently: What is wrong/challenging? Why do you want a change? How do you WANT to feel?
  • Share your embarkment on a "30-Day Health Reset": How are you feeling about it? (be real - nervous, excited, or both).
  • Give a quick tour of your fridge now: Share how it's going to look soon. "It will be much more green and have more vegetables". 
  • Share what you are making for dinner: Cook a meal you can have during your cleanse!
  • Give quick tidbits about a product: Ask, "Did you know…?" Share fun health facts and product benefits. Find fun facts in Purium's product blog  and in the captions cells for the Brand Partner Google Sheet: Social Posts & Captions.
  • Interview team members: Ask them about their powerful health transformation stories.
  • Share the importance of kids’ nutrition: What you're doing about it to make healthy living easier. 
  • Share the problem with glyphosate: How it's affecting our bodies & the environment and causing lower gut health. 
  • Unboxing the Core 4, ULT, or another pack: Unboxing Training
  • Share the facts of consuming certain foods: Living, raw, organic foods vs. conventional, processed food in the standard American diet.
  • Share how up-leveling your physical vitality ripples out to empower every other area of life: Emotional, mental, spiritual and relationships.

10 Days of ULT Scripts

Day 1: Go LIVE with your Reset

I’m jumping on here because I just joined a 30 day group reset (transformation program/nutrition reset/weight loss program, etc) and I’m super excited because I’m ready to hit the reset button and feel my best. I’m going to be using this platform for accountability so I’ll be sharing everything I’m doing for the next 30 days. Oh and by the way when I joined I got some discount codes to share so if you want to join me in this I’d love the support. Hit me up!


Day 2: Go live with your UPLINE

I want to thank you for the support and positive feedback I got from you yesterday! I also got a lot of questions and so my friend who introduced me to this program will be joining me here live explaining it in detail and answering all your questions. She’s so knowledgeable and has helped so many with this program to make sure you join us in an hour we’ll be live!


Day 3: Share a simple but delicious recipe, dessert, snack or meal

Just made this gluten-free, vegan chocolate cake how amazing does this look? As you can see there’s no deprivation or starvation on this program!

Post a Poll: Wanna join? I’M IN/YES!


Day 4: Share your story what brought you to doing this program and why you chose Purium.

The reason I decided to start this program and why I’m so excited about it is because since COVID hit, being sedentary and on lockdown I’ve been making poor eating choices and really put my health on the back burner, putting on the quarantine 15 and not feeling like myself, I suffer with digestive issues and poor sleep and I’m so ready to prioritize my health and make time for some self care which is self love.


I chose this program because of how simple, easy to follow and convenient it is and I know I will have success. Not to mention they’re the cleanest superfoods I’ve ever come across and I’m picky! So I feel good nourishing my body with the best.

Post a Poll: Are you ready to feel your best? YES/ I’M READY


Day 5: Unboxing (if received box, if not go through the products one by one on

  • Use verbiage from Purium app under ULT unboxing PDF 
  • At the end of the unboxing: “If you want to join me and get a special discount drop a heart emoji in the comments and I’ll get you more info!


Day 6-10 Feature one product a day to explain why you love it.



  • Day 6: Power Shake


“(As you’re scooping out your powder into your shaker bottle with water/plant milk) Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated nor time consuming. In 30 seconds or less you can have a powerhouse breakfast getting in more greens than you can eat all day, and guess what? It doesn’t taste like grass! No meal prep, no clean-up afterward, doesn’t get easier than that!



  • Day 7: Super Amino 23


One of the most common questions I’m hearing is what about protein?

Guess what? You see these bad boys (holding up the aminos) you’re going to be getting the highest quality of pure protein that not only is equivalent to eating a 12.5 ounce steak protein-wise but is assimilated into your body in just 23 minutes at a 99% utilization rate, that’s unheard of so rest assured you’re getting plenty of protein and will be building lean muscle for that lean body while burning stubborn fat!



  • Day 8: Biome Medic


Today we’re gonna talk about Biome Medic. This is what caught my attention with this program. I have suffered forever with poor digestion and that’s about to change with this. It not only helps restore gut health, which as we know health starts in the gut, but it detoxifies glyphosate (also known as round up) from the body which is important because this toxin is being sprayed on most of our crops in America, it’s in our water and the air we breathe and it wreaks havoc on our health. Biomedic will detox it out and nourish my body while replenishing the gut!



  • Day 9: Apothe-Cherry


“I’ve only been on this program for two days now but thanks to my new night time routine I’m waking up feeling refreshed! (As you pour your apothecherry juice over ice in a glass) I sip on this before going to bed, dim the lights and I’m out. I wake up rested and ready to start my day!“



  • Day 10: Super CleansR


“The last ten days of the program you’ll be taking this gentle, but deeper colon cleanse. I like the fact that it has anti-parasitic properties in it so I’ll be getting a parasite flush as well. In fact I added a second bottle of this to get a full on parasite cleanse which should be done at least once a year. It’s gonna help me get the best results possible. There you have it that’s all the components of the program who wants to join me? We can be accountability partners and it’ll be fun!!”

Post a Poll: Who’s in? Me/I’m in



  • Promo Flyer: Read the full Widen Your Reach flyer for all the details (also in Phone App “Promos & Specials”)
  • Crown Training Video: 5-Star Crown Melissa & 4-Star Crown Christine explain how to easily create duplication with WYR in this Widen Your Reach Training Video.
  • Inspiring Ideas & Tips Blog: Find creative tips and scripts in this blog, “Inspiring Tips for Widen Your Reach.
  • Questions & Issues: Join Debbie on Mondays on the Money Map Zoom. Customer Care is only to help with order-related issues; they do not have the business-related details you may require.

Example WYR Calendar of Maximum Points & Earnings  with UBT2023


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