Inspiring Tips for Widen Your Reach

Go LIVE today and every day! 

Widen Your Reach (WYR) is ALL about getting comfortable speaking on camera in front of a large audience. We know that it's a challenge for many people and we reward you for pushing past those obstacles that may be keeping you from your goals.

WYR is a great way to help motivate you to prioritize Purium-related presentations on a regular basis.

Learn more:

REMINDER: UBT Points are uploaded Monday, Wednesday and Friday for all Widen Your Reach Submissions that qualify. 


  • Why did you start Purium?
  • What are your health goals?
  • Do you have any obstacles in your way? If so, how will you overcome them?
  • Do you have any tips for fitness, family, cleansing, meal prep, etc?


Are you trying to over come fear of being on display for the world to see? Simply act like you’re talking to your best friend. What would you say to them? How would you say it? That’s exactly what you’re gonna do in your video.

WYR Ideas for videos without you in it:

  • Go live with your fridge and talk about what's inside
  • Go live while making a Purium recipe or smoothie (have the camera frame your hands, blender and workspace)
  • Go live with your loved ones eating their Purium and ask them questions


Easily earn $100 Consultant Bonus in 10 days with Purium's Widen Your Reach & Mega Zoom plan. Get the Fast Start Guide for details.

At the bottom of this blog, we have 10-Day Schedule with scripts of what to do and say!

As soon as you sign-up as a Brand Partner:

  • post a video on Instagram Stories or go Live immediately!
  • Share your new 30-day commitment to yourself
  • Call it a 30-day reset, 30-day weight loss, a gut-support program, a hormone-balancing it whatever you want, but don’t call it Purium
  • You MUST Include a poll or a "Call To Action" (CTA) . You can write on top of the story, "would you like more info on this program I’m going to get going on?" Poll answers (every option should be positive): Yes/I’m curious -- OR -- yes/send info -- OR -- yes/I need this
  • Complete your Action Plan Worksheet within your first 24 to 48 hours
  • Pick up the phone and call your closest friends and family


Examples from Crown Robin Tala: 

  • Share how you’re feeling currently: What is wrong/challenging? Why do you want a change? How do you WANT to feel?
  • Share your embarkment on a "30-Day Health Reset": How are you feeling about it? (be real - nervous, excited, or both).
  • Give a quick tour of your fridge now: Share how it's going to look soon. "It will be much more green and have more vegetables". 
  • Share what you are making for dinner: Cook a meal you can have during your cleanse!
  • Give quick tidbits about a product: Ask, "Did you know…?" Share fun health facts and product benefits. Find fun facts in Purium's product blog  and in the captions cells for the Brand Partner Google Sheet: Social Posts & Captions.
  • Interview team members: Ask them about their powerful health transformation stories.
  • Share the importance of kids’ nutrition: What you're doing about it to make healthy living easier. 
  • Share the problem with glyphosate: How it's affecting our bodies & the environment and causing lower gut health. 
  • Unboxing the Core 4, ULT, or another pack: Unboxing Training
  • Share the facts of consuming certain foods: Living, raw, organic foods vs. conventional, processed food in the standard American diet.
  • Share how up-leveling your physical vitality ripples out to empower every other area of life: Emotional, mental, spiritual and relationships.


An excellent Widen Your Reach presentation AND successful prospecting activity is to make your own unboxing video with a ULT. 3-Star Crown Tracie Fujikane & Leslie Zann lead an excellent step-by-step training on how to create an Unboxing Video. The training is accompanied with a Scrip & Training Guide,  too!  

  • Get Script & Training Guide: "Unboxing Your ULT"
  • Follow-up tip: Personally invite anyone who engaged with your Unboxing Video post to the ULT Mega Zoom: "What are you doing on Wednesday the (date) at (time)? My product-expert friend (host's name) is hosting a super fun event that goes into detail about the ULT. I would love for you to join me!"


Day 1: Go LIVE with your Reset

I’m jumping on here because I just joined a 30 day group reset (transformation program/nutrition reset/weight loss program, etc) and I’m super excited because I’m ready to hit the reset button and feel my best. I’m going to be using this platform for accountability so I’ll be sharing everything I’m doing for the next 30 days. Oh and by the way when I joined I got some discount codes to share so if you want to join me in this I’d love the support. Hit me up!


Day 2: Go live with your UPLINE

I want to thank you for the support and positive feedback I got from you yesterday! I also got a lot of questions and so my friend who introduced me to this program will be joining me here live explaining it in detail and answering all your questions. She’s so knowledgeable and has helped so many with this program to make sure you join us in an hour we’ll be live!


Day 3: Share a simple but delicious recipe, dessert, snack or meal

Just made this gluten-free, vegan chocolate cake how amazing does this look? As you can see there’s no deprivation or starvation on this program!

Post a Poll: Wanna join? I’M IN/YES!


Day 4: Share your story what brought you to doing this program and why you chose Purium.

The reason I decided to start this program and why I’m so excited about it is because since COVID hit, being sedentary and on lockdown I’ve been making poor eating choices and really put my health on the back burner, putting on the quarantine 15 and not feeling like myself, I suffer with digestive issues and poor sleep and I’m so ready to prioritize my health and make time for some self care which is self love.


I chose this program because of how simple, easy to follow and convenient it is and I know I will have success. Not to mention they’re the cleanest superfoods I’ve ever come across and I’m picky! So I feel good nourishing my body with the best.

Post a Poll: Are you ready to feel your best? YES/ I’M READY


Day 5: Unboxing (if received box, if not go through the products one by one on

  • Use verbiage from Purium app under ULT unboxing PDF 
  • At the end of the unboxing: “If you want to join me and get a special discount drop a heart emoji in the comments and I’ll get you more info!


Day 6-10 Feature one product a day to explain why you love it.



  • Day 6: Power Shake


“(As you’re scooping out your powder into your shaker bottle with water/plant milk) Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated nor time consuming. In 30 seconds or less you can have a powerhouse breakfast getting in more greens than you can eat all day, and guess what? It doesn’t taste like grass! No meal prep, no clean-up afterward, doesn’t get easier than that!



  • Day 7: Super Amino 23


One of the most common questions I’m hearing is what about protein?

Guess what? You see these bad boys (holding up the aminos) you’re going to be getting the highest quality of pure protein that not only is equivalent to eating a 12.5 ounce steak protein-wise but is assimilated into your body in just 23 minutes at a 99% utilization rate, that’s unheard of so rest assured you’re getting plenty of protein and will be building lean muscle for that lean body while burning stubborn fat!



  • Day 8: Biome Medic


Today we’re gonna talk about Biome Medic. This is what caught my attention with this program. I have suffered forever with poor digestion and that’s about to change with this. It not only helps restore gut health, which as we know health starts in the gut, but it detoxifies glyphosate (also known as round up) from the body which is important because this toxin is being sprayed on most of our crops in America, it’s in our water and the air we breathe and it wreaks havoc on our health. Biomedic will detox it out and nourish my body while replenishing the gut!



  • Day 9: Apothe-Cherry


“I’ve only been on this program for two days now but thanks to my new night time routine I’m waking up feeling refreshed! (As you pour your apothecherry juice over ice in a glass) I sip on this before going to bed, dim the lights and I’m out. I wake up rested and ready to start my day!“



  • Day 10: Super CleansR


“The last ten days of the program you’ll be taking this gentle, but deeper colon cleanse. I like the fact that it has anti-parasitic properties in it so I’ll be getting a parasite flush as well. In fact I added a second bottle of this to get a full on parasite cleanse which should be done at least once a year. It’s gonna help me get the best results possible. There you have it that’s all the components of the program who wants to join me? We can be accountability partners and it’ll be fun!!”

Post a Poll: Who’s in? Me/I’m in


Idea 1: Share what you have in your shopping cart or lay everything out on your table at home: "This is what my food hauls look like since having started the ULT. I’m focusing on more fresh whole plant foods lots of fruits and veggies and making sure I have lots of snack foods on hand so I’m always prepared. (Show some hummus or avocados for making guacamole, apples and almond butter, or trail mix etc.) If you want to create healthier eating habits in the kitchen let’s do it together! DM for more info."

Idea 2: Farmers Market tour: Share some of your favorite finds at your local farmer’s market.

Idea 3: Share a tip that can helps them with the program: "If you’re like me and don’t like swallowing pills, simply open the Biome Medic and add the powder in the shake and for the aminos I just blend them with the shake in a blender super easy!"

Idea 4: Recipe - Change up the shake to a smoothie: "If you feel like changing it up from the usual shake, which is my personal favorite, every once in a while I enjoy making a smoothie out of it. Today I’m putting a frozen banana and some coconut milk yum!"

Idea 5: Answer a common question you get and invite to the zoom prospect call: "A common question I get is do you have to be vegan to do this program? The answer is no, the beauty of this program is that there’s no diet label attached to it. Of course, the more you put into it the better and it’s only 30 days so the more you add fresh Whole Foods, fruits and veggies the better and the less you eat processed, refined junk foods the better you’ll feel and your body will thank you.

On that note I want to invite you to our transformation zoom call we’re having tomorrow at 6pm pst where you’ll get all the details of this program and any questions you have you can get answered there. Just fill out this poll and I’ll send you over the link!"

Post a Poll: Would you like the zoom link? Yes/ Link please

For more support, check out these great examples from Crown Christine Roseberry:



Idea 1: Show a snippet of your business zoom team call:
"The support of this amazing community of like minded people in this mission driven company is incredible. It really is true that when you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life! What I love about this opportunity is you don’t need to work 40 hours a week to make full time money, you can work part time hours and keep it fun!"
Poll: Wanna know more? Yes please?/I’m curious
Idea 2: Share memorabilia given to you by Purium ie a plaque for a rank advancement, a diamond paperweight, etc or even a gift won from a mega zoom or a team gift giveaway.
"It’s so touching to see how much support we get in this amazing company, they really care look what they sent me celebrating my success. It means so much to be apart of such a heart centered community. In text at the bottom of the screen 'Would you like to learn how you can join our community? DM me for more info.'"

More Examples from Crown Christine Roseberry:


You don't need to mention Purium, to elude to the solutions we offer for current issues.  Do a live that shares a staggering fact, straight from the headlines. Choose topics that you are passionate about: health, economy and environment. 


EXAMPLE: Watch Crown Christine Roseberry's Live with the latest stats on female recession:

Share the fact and invite others to engage: “Did you know that nearly 865,000 women left the workforce between August and September of 2020? That’s out of 1.1 million people over the age of 20 who exited their jobs in August and September. The U.S. even added 661,000 jobs in that time frame, according to the report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They’re calling this the nation’s “first female recession.” These numbers are staggering and I’m just curious to know what you all think about it. Maybe some of you have been impacted.

Share your passion: “I know due to Covid and home-schooling, that so many people have no employment options. I know what it’s like to be without a job. It’s absolutely terrifying. Especially if you have family members you are responsible for.”  

Share your story: “A few years ago, I was let go from what I thought was my dream job. Not only did I feel devastated from feeling so replaceable, I wasn’t sure how I was going to live for the next month or two, until I found another job.”

Share Purium without mentioning the name: “Then, my whole life changed. My friend told me that I should do a Group Transformation with her and a bunch of people I didn’t know. At first, I was like...there’s NO WAY I can afford the products or the TIME right now. Not to mention, I felt so crappy about myself and like I was in no place to be chatty with random strangers. I just had so much on my plate and I didn’t feel allowed to do something so good for myself. However, Kelsey was like, ‘look, I’m going to be honest with you. You need your health and a positive community right now. Plus, if you wanted to get your products paid for and possibly more, you can. AND...there’s a 60-day money back guarantee. It’s been almost 3 years, and I ended up never having to find a new job. I even paid off my school loans.” 

Tie it back to the moral and gently invite connection: “So, I know how it feels for these people who have left the workforce. Whether you’ve lost your job or not, I would love to hear what you think about 865,000 women being unemployed within 2 months. And 1.1 million people out of work in 2 months. If you are one of those people, my heart goes out to you and I want you to know that I’m here, as a friend who knows exactly how you feel.”

Personally follow-up with everyone who reacted or commented and say: “Thanks for watching! How are you doing during this time?”

Move them into your Phone Contacts so you can use your Purium Phone App for one-to-one sharing and tracking.

Reach out to your Upline for “Follow-Up” techniques and use these training guides in iLearn! 


  • Share your vision or “why”: What are your big dreams for your life? Where do you want to be in a year or five years? What are your passions and how your (Purium) online business is empowering them? Give a quick mention of the business being your path to the dream. 
  • Share how the pandemic has affected you: Your income, work, quality of life, etc. 
  • Share your vision of location freedom: Working from home, spending time with the kids, bringing your partner home from work, etc. 
  • Interview an up-line mentor: Ask them about their experiences and business success stories.
  • Share mindset or entrepreneurial tools you’ve learned from: Purium trainings, books, or podcasts. 
  • Share the story of your work: What were you doing before Purium? What did you like/ didn’t like about it? Will/was it able to fund your dream life? Share entrepreneurship as a means of empowerment. 
  • Talk about trading dollars for hours vs. building a money-making machine: "If you're not making money in your sleep, you'll die working".
  • Speak about the Purium community:  What you love about the community of positive thinking entrepreneurs that you are now a part of.  


Consistency is key to long-term health. It’s not easy for many people and our Smart Order program is a way to unlock that success for those who want to make their new habits stick. 

Being candid about your own experience and/or struggles to create healthy habits is a great way to open the door to others. 

This week, do a live video on your own health story and how Smart Order has helped you stay on track with your health goals - even when you may not have felt like it. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Why is it important to eat your superfoods every day?
  • How does Smart Order help keep you consistent with your nutrition?
  • Do you have a positive story to share about Smart Order?
  • How do you feel when you get to the bottom of your Power Shake and you don’t have another one 😥?

Want to share the benefits with people who follow-up? Check out this great blog for prospects and customers, "Smart Order: How it Works."

If you need help understanding the value of Smart Order, read our Business Training Blog "Sharing the Value of Smart Order."


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