Directors: The Secret Sauce to Growing and Maintaining Your Business

business training Oct 04, 2021

Special thanks to Cindi Kelly and Rachel Balunsat for their help writing this blog. 

Whether you are just starting out as a Brand Partner at Purium, or have been with us for years, you may not realize the Director rank plays a crucial role in your business. Understanding why this rank is vitally important to you and your team can be the secret sauce to growing and maintaining your Purium entrepreneurship. 

Becoming a Director

Becoming a Director is a great foundational rank and is a real stepping stone to achieve the Diamond leadership Ranks. To become a Director, you need:

  • Personal Volume - 50 PV
  • Personally Enrolled Active Brand Partners And Customers - 3
  • Group Volume - 2.5k
  • Bonus $400 when achieved within 1+ month of enrollment plus enroller matching bonus
  • Bonus $200 when achieved outside of fast start period

Earn More Money with FAST Start

The bonus for achieving a fast start Director is $400. Combine the $100 fast start Consultant bonus with it and you will have earned $500. With the commissions received on the orders you bring in, you are looking at approximately $500 more in commissions. So with a simple plan,$1000 in earnings is possible while getting your business started if you fast track it to the Director rank in your first full month as a brand partner. 

Director Fast Start Road Map

Want a step by step guide to Fast Start Director? Get the roadmap to Director here: 

Tools to Get to Director

Best Tools for Brand Partners Blog

This blog has just about everything you need to understand all the tools you have as a Purium Brand Partner and ways you can leverage them to succeed. 

Widen Your Reach

If you are in your Fast Start period, Widen Your Reach is our #1 promo that has shifted mindsets, shattered glass ceilings and has helped rank advance many Brand Partners quickly!  From legacy Brand Partners to new Consultants, everyone has felt the residual effects from this game-changing activity. 


Leverage our UBT Promo:

  • Motivates new volume for your business
  • Increases first-time customers success rate 
  • Creates future health commitment for your customers after their first 30 days
  • Establishes future recurring orders (aka retention) of your business
  • BOOSTS your Qualifying Volume Points to rank higher and earn more commission

Google Tools 

Our Google Tools folder has many assets such as complimentary social posts, the Leslie Zann Workbook, and more resources that are available to you 24/7. 

Compensation Plan

Got questions about compensation and rank requirements? Check out our Compensation Plan PDF.

Developing Directors

If you are someone that wants to create a $10,000-$100,000 monthly income and reach the highest ranks of Purium Brand Partners, you need a plan to get there. That plan involves building a team around you and not trying to do it alone. Without a team, it can be more challenging to reach leadership ranks

It is important to focus on developing a foundational rank for your new Brand Partners. Most people who partner with Purium want to make $500-$1000 extra for their family. If you are in the top percentage who wants to make it to the upper ranks, you get there by helping lots of people make that $500-$1000.That typically happens when you help others achieve Director. 

Network marketing is about leverage, and if you want people to stick with you on your team, you  should teach a duplicatable system that isn’t too overwhelming.  Focus on what the masses want, provide an obtainable way to achieve it, and that will create layers of wins for you and your Brand Partners. 

How Directors Can Help Maintain Your Rank

Becoming a Diamond or above is certainly a fantastic goal to have. A sustainable Diamond position is based on the collective of your entire team. If you break that Diamond rank into how many Directors you need, it’s 6 total (6 Directors = 15,000 in GV). A Diamond plan helps create income positions for 6 people, plus collaboration and community.  You then have 6 people (you plus 5 others) to duplicate the process and those Brand Partners can emulate what you did and make their way to Diamond by developing their own Directors.

Having Directors helps the upline a lot and builds momentum. New Directors create wins that, with proper recognition, are also the inspiration for future growth.

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