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To successfully promote the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) you must believe in its value, benefits and success rate. Purium also provides discounts and Rewards Points to help incentivize your prospect to sign-up and purchase a ULT. Additionally, our community is full of support and resources to increase the success and retention rate for your customers.  

Your personal story is SO powerful, even if you haven't even started your own ULT. No matter where you are with your health or business, here are some excellent tools to empower you to confidently share and promote the ULT with your own personal touch. 

Why is the ULT the best pack option? 

The ULT is Purium's #1 pack because it has transformed the most lives (1 ULT) and leads to strong retention (many have a ULT on Smart Order). Not only does the ULT consistently produce countless 30-Day Success Stories, but it typically leads to long-term Success Stories, as well. 

Even if you haven't experience a dramatic lifestyle change, we have countless stories of others who have and you can share with your own prospects.

ULT Success Stories

What our leaders are saying about the ULT

Learn how it easily meets the needs of all kind of people and lifestyles from our two of our top leaders, both 3-Star Crowns. Watch and share the following quotes and videos to help create a culture of value and trust.

Watch & Share Tracie Fujikane's Video 

Watch & Share Melissa Hanson's Video 

Promoting the ULT as a Newbie 

Leverage ALL the amazing success strategies that have boosted ranks and continue to inspire strangers to transform so their lives. From Mega Zooms and Widen Your Reach ideas to understanding the true value of Smart Order and the ULT, this blog is full of links to videos, scripts, blogs, and guides to use. 

Start your 10-Day Widen Your Reach Campaign:

Leverage the Mega Zoom:

Are you not confident as a product expert? That's okay! Our blog, "Leverage the Mega Zoom Events with Widen Your Reach" is a clearly defined strategy to help you get sign-ups without being an expert. 

Make an Unboxing Video

Follow-up is KEY

Personally reach out everyone engages with your ULT-inspiring posts. When you expereince a "no," lean into it with compassionate questions. 

  • Thank them, ask what they thought and answer any questions they may have.
  • Invite them to the next Wednesday Mega Zoom: "What are you doing on Wednesday the (date) at (time)? My product-expert friend (host's name) is hosting a super fun event that goes into detail about the ULT. I would love for you to join me!"
  • If they are not interested, say "That's okay! I would love to chat with you anyway. Are you around today or tomorrow?"


Leading a Large ULT Campaign

When you are confident in your own Purium journey, you are probably ready to go big. Make a plan with your Upline to make sure you are ready to run!

Understanding the value of products, Smart Order, digital tools and support are vital to running strong and successfully. 

ULT Landing Pages

The landing pages below are a quick way to lead someone into sign up and/or support someone during their transformation. Links to the Lifestyle Guide, videos, schedules, blogs and more can be found on these pages. 

  •'s Transformation landing page with details & schedules. Be sure to create permalink the hyperlink you share (create at Create a Linktree for easiest sharing of your permalink! 
  •'s Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation page that offers a path to enrollment (great for prospects). You can only permalink the main page of (but it will stay with them through their click path.
  • Adobe Spark's ULT Page for prospects that includes videos. Cannot permalink.

 Get Digital:

Lead a Group Transformation:

More ULT Marketing & Support: 

No one knows the ULT better than Purium's co-founders, Dave Sandoval & Amy Venner. Watch and share their product education and health philosophy with your prospects. Their inspiring Zoom also led to a blog and postcard to easily share the message and the product pack.

Understand the Value of Smart Order & Incentives

Maintenance is key to long-term health and the retention of your business. Smart Order, Rewards Points, Rewards for Reviews and 3 & Then Free* are incentives to help everyone meet their desired goals. 




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This Google Folder has a number of tools for you. From zooms and training recaps to recognition and success stories, details are at your fingertips! Bookmark this link so you can quickly find the info you need.

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