Widen Your Reach: Rules & Objectives

Feb 17, 2021

Go LIVE with Purium #phplive2021 

Earn 33 bonus UBT Points (QV) each time you submit a new and unique presentation via the submittal process in iLearn. 3 maximum per week (99 QV Points max). If you are a new Brand Partner, you can earn even more QV Points with the WYR Fast Start Incentive! 

Points are uploaded 3 times (M, W, F) by 6 pm PT. Month end, the points are uploaded by 6 pm PT (on the next business day). 


Why do we love this promo?

Going live with your Purium lifestyle stories W I D E N S your REACH of prospects. We incentivize you to push past fears by giving you extra Qualifying Volume (QV) points to help move you on to your next rank and income level.

This is our #1 promo that has shifted mindsets, shattered glass ceilings and has helped rank advance tons of Brand Partners - quickly!  From legacy Brand Partners to newbie Consultants, everyone has felt the residual effects from this game-changing activity. 


Who qualifies?

Active Brand...

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Share the Love Promo

Feb 12, 2021

"Share the Love" Promo

Feb. 13-Feb. 28, 2021 (midnight central time) 

Purpose: We're spreading the UBT love and want to reward you a little extra for sharing your love of Purium. No matter what pace, EVERYONE can get rewarded! 

Bring in 1 and earn 100 “Share the Love” UBT Points or bring in 30 (10 every week) and earn 3000!  

  • 100 UBT Points for EVERY NEW * purchase of a featured pack AND a 50 BV minimum Smart Order on file
  • Qualifying first-time purchases and active Smart Order:
    • Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation + Smart Order with 50 BV min.
    • Holistic Fitness  + Smart Order with 50 BV min.
    • Family Nutrition  + Smart Order with 50 BV min.
    • Optimal Immune Support + Smart Order with 50 BV min.
  • Weekly Maximum = 10 new packs sold / 1000 Share the Love promo UBT points 
  • Promo lasts 3 weeks (the last "week" is only 2 days; Feb. 27-28)
  • Track your activity in the UBT Promo Report in the BackOffice and Unilevel...
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Purium's Social Media, Vimeo & Blogs

Feb 09, 2021

Purium has A LOT of social media accounts and tons of product blogs. These are essential for the success of both Customers and Brand Partners. Here is a rundown of what you can find and where you can find it.

Remember to like, follow and tag us so we can share your posts, give you shoutouts and more. 

Product-driven Social Media: 

Business-driven Social Media:

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Leverage the Mega Zoom Events with Widen Your Reach

Feb 09, 2021

Not everyone may be a Purium expert, yet EVERYONE is connected to one! Our Mega Zoom Event Wednesdays are the key to successfully promoting the benefits of Purium's Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and support packs/products to your friends (especially if you just enrolled as a Brand Partner). 

Every Wednesday, a seasoned nutrition expert openly shares their experience of incorporating organic superfoods into their kitchens to maximize their health and wellness. This is an opportunity for YOU to invite your friends, followers and anyone you know who is interested in one of Purium's featured packs:

  • The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation
  • Holistic Fitness
  • Family Nutrition
  • Optimal Immune Support

This is what we do:

  • We handpick Purium product experts and Brand Partner leaders to make sure it’s a fun, high-value event.
  • We create social images and messaging for you to share on your own social media.
  • We suggest using our...
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Welcome To Purium's Business Blog & New Google Tools

Feb 08, 2021

Hello and welcome to our new business blog! This business tool will be an excellent resource for Brand Partners to keep at their fingertips.

As a Brand Partner, your business is driven by digital communication and we strive to find ways to support you in modern and simple ways. 

In fact, have you seen our latest Google Tools? 

All these can be found in one Google Folder: BP Google Sheets & Docs

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