March Amy & Dave Business Training

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2023

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Be In Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself

Each Brand Partner has there own unique way to grow their Purium Business. Every single weekday, Purium is right there with you to help build your business in a multitude of avenues.

Income Producing Events

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March 2023 Boards Update

tools Mar 23, 2023

As some have already noticed, Boards recently launched an update that limits the amount shares/sends through the Boards keyboard for free users to 100. This means that once that limit is reached, free users will no longer be able to send/share messages with the Boards Keyboard.

Before we break...

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Amy & Dave February Business Training

business training Mar 15, 2023

On one Tuesday every month, Purium’s own co-founders will give their entrepreneurial insights on how to best grow your business right now! 

February 21, 2023 Call Info:



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Purium Provides An Opportunity for the American Dream

Today’s American Dream...

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What's New at Purium in 2023

business training Jan 12, 2023

All of us at Purium are excited to kick off a new year with you! Below are some big changes to take note of for your business in 2023.

Did you miss Dave & Amy’s kickoff zoom? Find it on the What’s Important Now page on

Purium's ULT packs have been reconfigured...

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Fast Start 2023

incentives Jan 03, 2023

Earn $3500 in Fast Start Bonuses & $2500 in Matching Bonuses! Fast Start is a bonus path that includes Consultant, Director, Executive and Diamond ranks. This Fast Start path can earn a new Brand Partner up to $3500 in bonuses alone in their first 90 days. Going fast is the most...

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Fast Start Widen Your Reach: Rules & Objectives

incentives Jan 01, 2023

Are you in the Fast Start window? Go LIVE with Purium #phplive2023 to help boost your points to the next rank!

Earn 33 bonus GQV Points each time you submit a new and unique video presentation (Social Media Story or Post, Your Own Virtual Event for Purium, etc.) via the submittal...

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Leslie Zann December 2022 Zoom Recaps

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2022

December 6, 2022: Seasonal Strategies

December is here. What does your action plan look like? As you move through the month, you are entering the #1 sales, networking and social time of the year. Leslie's #1 tip during this pivotal period; journal everything. Not only will you be a...

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Give the Gift of Health with New Purium Sampler Packs

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2022

Every season is the season of giving at Purium. And throughout November and December, you can give in a whole new way with our new Sampler Packs!  

In this blog, you’ll find: 

  • Purium Sampler Gift Packs 
  • Sampler Pack training 
  • Scripts for gifting and follow-up ...
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Enrolling a Non-Profit with Purium

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2022

"The change we seek begins at home."

In this season of giving, let’s not forget Giving Tuesday! It’s the perfect time to remind you about how Purium gives back to our community by empowering non-profits with all of the benefits of Brand Partnership and none of the costs.

A green...

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Leslie Zann November 2022 Zoom Recaps

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2022

November 8, 2022: November Action Plan

US Thanksgiving is just weeks weeks away. What does your November action plan look like? As you move through the month, you are literally building towards the #1 sales, networking and social time of the year. Purium is tailor made to capitalize on this...

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